Charlie Downes

(Formerly Charles Whitnall)

6 Kempe Way, Weston Super Mare, BS24 7HW

(Email:[email protected])  Mob: 07503 942453


Equity No: (M00132146)                                                                                           Height:5’ 10”        Build: Medium to  Large

 DoB: 18/10/1955                                                                                                        Eyes:  Brown          Hair:  Dark Brown 



I always had an interest in performing from a very early age. From the first pantomime I watched at the old Granada Cinema/Theatre in 1963, I sat watching totally enthralled and thought at that time “that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.

After leaving school with aspirations to be a police officer I joined a small church hall drama group. It was there that my passion grew.

I managed to gain membership to Equity in 1992. Going on to do some extra/walk on work on various television programmes. I was lucky enough to be cast as a credited actor on Eastenders and This Life in the mid 1990’s also performing on stage in various regional theatre tours.

I took a break during the early part of the new millennium. In early 2018 I was recovering from major knee surgery and during this time started feeling that I wanted to try my hand at acting again. So here I am having attended a couple of screen acting workshops with Paul Dudbridge in November 2018, about to attend a masterclass with Mark Mc Gann (Drama Direct) and have recently been offered a part in a web series being filmed in Bristol during March and April.

My next step is to secure representation with a reputable London agent.




2 day screen acting masterclass  – Paul Dudbridge

Drama / Screen Direct - Ongoing Screen and Stage Acting Master classes - Mark Mc Gan


London Centre for Theatre Studies - Post Graduate Acting Classes -Jenny Lipman


The Centre for Voice Bristol - Singing and Voice Coaching - Ruth Davidge

Big Mouth Productions - Intensive Voice Over Training - Michael Groth


Theatre Credits:

Production                                  Character                              Company                                               Director

· Chess                                         Molokov                                Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit

· Jesus Christ                               Pilate                                     Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit.   


·  South Pacific                            Billis                                        Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit                     

· Looking for England                  Richard                                  Wessex Actors Company                      Matthew Adams

· At the End of the Day                Andrew                                  Wessex Actors Company                     Pat Hudson



Television/Film Credits


 Who's There?                Arthur Richards.              Kraig Bryant Productions.                         Kraig Taylor-Bryant   

 (Short film)                        

 Bad Criminals.                         Vic.                                 Screenology.                                   Connor Bickford.
 The Suppression                     Detective Kaminski.                The View Finders.                             Jason Parker
 of Hannah Stevenson.                                                                               

    (Feature Film)     

   I Love You,Goodbye                 Pete                                       Screenology                                       Jono Walllis
    (Feature Film)

   Hindsight                               Robert Eklund.                        Screenology                                          Ella Taylor 

 (Web series)

·This Life (S1 Ep1)                  Osteopath                               BBC 2                                                     Sam Miller

· EastEnders                            Reporter                                 BBC 1                                                     Bill Hays

· The Dark Months                   Cab Driver                              Ind Film                                                  Sam French



Training /Corporate Video Credits: 

 Tactical Incident Leader.           Fire Officer (Lead).                   Whiteheart                                           Clare Baldwin

 2025 Corporate Video              Presenter                                 Unique Media TV                                 Jon Stethridge

· DAT Scan Training Film           Sam                                         H2 Business Communication               Bob Carson

· Hoax Calls                               Father                                       BBC 999/BT                                       Helen Royle

· Acts or Omissions                    Tony                                       Conferex Video Productions                David Woodbury



 Icescape at The Tropicana                  Santa and.                       Icescape                                         Jamie Dann
                                                      Skate Exchange Assistant                                       

 Do it for Today / Sleep                      The Swimmer                       Godman (Health Education        Selby

                                                        (Main feature)                              Board of Scotland)

 Sky Customer Magazine                     Man in Chair                                BskyB                                Julie Hill

                                                         (Main Feature)

Other Work:

Have played Santa on several occasions including Icescape at The Tropicana (Weston super Mare)

 Debenhams Gloucester, Debenhams Bath, Various Christmas Fetes –Taunton, Brownies pack –Taunton,

English Language School - Chania Crete, Christmas Fete Avonmouth (Bristol).



Photography (Professional Degree Level), Ex Psychiatric Nurse (RMN), Experience working in HM Prisons

Experience working within funeral services. Archery, Driving (Full License since 1975);


  Accents:        RP. West Country, General American, London, Liverpool, N. Irish, Russian  

  Playing Age:  50 - 70