Charlie Downes                                                                                    Represented by: Hamlet Management.   

6 Kempe Way, Weston Super Mare, BS24 7HW                          

(Email:[email protected])  Mob: 07503 942453                   [email protected]


Equity No: (M00132146)                                                                                           Height:5’ 10”        Build: Medium to  Large

 DoB: 18/10/1955                                                                                                        Eyes:  Brown          Hair:  Dark Brown 



I always had an interest in performing from a very early age. From the first pantomime I watched at the old Granada Cinema/Theatre in 1963, I sat watching totally enthralled and thought at that time “that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.

After leaving school with aspirations to be a police officer I joined a small church hall drama group. It was there that my passion grew.

I managed to gain membership to Equity in 1992. Going on to do some extra/walk on work on various television programmes. I was lucky enough to be cast as a credited actor on Eastenders and This Life in the mid 1990’s also performing on stage in various regional theatre tours.

I took a break during the early part of the new millennium. In early 2018 I was recovering from major knee surgery and during this time started feeling that I wanted to try my hand at acting again. So here I am having attended a couple of screen acting workshops with Paul Dudbridge in November 2018, about to attend a masterclass with Mark Mc Gann (Drama Direct) and have recently been offered a part in a web series being filmed in Bristol during March and April.

My next step is to secure representation with a reputable London agent.




2 day screen acting masterclass  – Paul Dudbridge

Drama / Screen Direct - Ongoing Screen and Stage Acting Master classes - Mark Mc Gan


London Centre for Theatre Studies - Post Graduate Acting Classes -Jenny Lipman


The Centre for Voice Bristol - Singing and Voice Coaching - Ruth Davidge

Big Mouth Productions - Intensive Voice Over Training - Michael Groth


Theatre Credits:

Production                                  Character                              Company                                               Director

· Chess                                         Molokov                                Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit

· Jesus Christ                               Pilate                                     Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit.   


·  South Pacific                            Billis                                        Curzon Productions                             Sebastian Petit                     

· Looking for England                  Richard                                  Wessex Actors Company                      Matthew Adams

· At the End of the Day                Andrew                                  Wessex Actors Company                     Pat Hudson



Television/Film Credits


 What was left behind.                Arthur Richards.              Kraig Bryant Productions.      Kraig Taylor-Bryant   

 (Short film)                        

 Bad Criminals.                         Vic.                                 Screenology.                                   Connor Bickford.
 The Suppression                     Detective Kaminski.                The View Finders.                             Jason Parker
 of Hannah Stevenson.                                                                               

    (Feature Film)     

   I Love You,Goodbye                 Pete                                     Screenology                                       Jono Walllis
    (Feature Film)

   Hindsight                               Robert Eklund.                        Screenology                                          Ella Taylor 

 (Web series)

·This Life (S1 Ep1)                  Osteopath                               BBC 2                                                     Sam Miller

· EastEnders                            Reporter                                 BBC 1                                                     Bill Hays

· The Dark Months                   Cab Driver                              Ind Film                                                  Sam French



Training /Corporate Video Credits: 

 Tactical Incident Leader.           Fire Officer (Lead).                   Whiteheart                                           Clare Baldwin

 2025 Corporate Video              Presenter                                 Unique Media TV                                 Jon Stethridge

· DAT Scan Training Film           Sam                                         H2 Business Communication               Bob Carson

· Hoax Calls                               Father                                       BBC 999/BT                                       Helen Royle

· Acts or Omissions                    Tony                                       Conferex Video Productions                David Woodbury



 Icescape at The Tropicana                  Santa and.                       Icescape                                         Jamie Dann
                                                      Skate Exchange Assistant                                       

 Do it for Today / Sleep                      The Swimmer                       Godman (Health Education        Selby

                                                        (Main feature)                              Board of Scotland)

 Sky Customer Magazine                     Man in Chair                                BskyB                                Julie Hill

                                                         (Main Feature)

Other Work:

Have played Santa on several occasions including Icescape at The Tropicana (Weston super Mare)

 Debenhams Gloucester, Debenhams Bath, Various Christmas Fetes –Taunton, Brownies pack –Taunton,

English Language School - Chania Crete, Christmas Fete Avonmouth (Bristol), Charity Santa 2020 Portishead.



Photography (Professional Degree Level), Ex Psychiatric Nurse (RMN), Experience working in HM Prisons

Experience working within funeral services. Archery, Driving (Full License since 1975);


  Accents:        RP. West Country, General American, London, Liverpool, N. Irish, Russian  

  Playing Age:  50 - 70